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It's the little things in life we seldom get to enjoy that bring a much needed smile during dark times.   #HappyShade
So over here on DeviantArt, you get used to people attacking you for dumb reasons.  You're a male?  Clearly a murderer!  You're not the same religious sect?  Adopt Hitler reincarnated!  You like vore?  You don't even qualify as human!!

These stamps pop up now and then with outrageous unsupported claims hated on this, that, and another, and it's always fun to poking the creator, similar to sticking a branch into a bear trap.  So last night, I come across a stamp from someone who has been on DeviantArt less than 24 hours at that point claiming votes are sickos, have no rights as human beings, should die, yadda yadda.   Amazing strategy, am I right?   Join a new site and start attacking people instantly!   What can go wrong?

So long story short, eventually she claims I'm angry and raging (despite the fact that I'm laughing at her) and blocks me.  No biggy, easy victory.   Well, it doesn't end there.  This wonderful bastion of intelligence and humanity stalks me to MY PAGE (my lovely empty little page) and reads a status message from OVER SIX MONTHS AGO and proceeds to jump on her "I knew you'd do that!" box and call me a dumbass for posting THAT STATUS to attack her!   Do people even know how to read dates? MeowMeowNekoMaid, my hat is off to you and I raise a glass in your honor!!!

seriously though, this is like the third time people have decided that status message was about them without looking at the date...  Can you like take 15 seconds to see when it was posted and realize I'm not a Timelord?


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MicroDogWinter Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
dude did you get my note?
SleepyDemonMonster Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
thanks for the fav. :3
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Happy really late birthday ^^
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H-happy late birthday.

I'm so sorry I missed it...
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